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Our company, DENV-AIR Kft. has more than 25 years of experience in the field of compressor technology and boasts one of the country's largest reference companies. Our experienced technicians are continuously servicing over a thousand high performance compressors. From two locations, we maintain the country's compressors with our on-road service vehicles. Thanks to our national trading network, we can provide a personal meeting with the professional implementation of our partners' ideas.



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We have a great past and experience behind the installation, operation and maintenance of high performance machines. We work abroad for large projects in Cuba, Mexico and Romania. We do not only distribute but also produce compressors!

We are at our factory in Győr with complete refurbishment of complete compressors, we are also at the disposal of commercial compressors and leasing.

We offer complete design and implementation to our dear customers and a highly experienced and experienced team of attentive staff to ensure their carefree operation.


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The final assembly and testing of DAAM-DAPM devices is carried out at our factory in Győr. According to our customers' custom requirements, tank mounting, cooling-drying assembly, air handling units and the related piping network are installed.

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We have two locations in the country to stay close to you. We do both commercial and service work from our locations in Győr and Budapest, thus reducing your costs.


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A compressor block and complete compressor renovation works are carried out at our factory in Győr, and here is our used compressor demonstration hall. Compressors are tested, refurbished and provided with a three-month warranty. These compressors can be rented out, and even if you replenish your compressor, you can count on us to provide you with a spare compressor for the renewal period.

In our showroom, you will find one of the compressor types that you can try and assure of their high quality. But most importantly, this is the professional service background that you get as a gift for all our compressors so you can operate your compressors from under care at what time we will pay attention to you instead of using a remote monitoring system.



From 2006 our company is the representative of the HONDA small machine in north-western Hungary. In our showroom you can see and test the complete range of HONDA small machines. Our service technicians will provide the complete service and maintenance of their new and old HONDA machines. Remember, HONDA machines receive 1 + 2 year warranty!