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denvair kompresszor gyor budapest 002 The activity of our company has one of the biggest past in Hungary. Our specialists are servicing more than a thousand high-performance compressors and auxiliary equipment. More than a thousand high-performance compressors and auxiliaries are serviced by our specialists. Our service solve the problems within 24 hours frm the announcement.
We are very fast because we have two sites in Hungary. From Budapest we can supplies South, East and North ofHungary and from Győr, West and Southwest of Hungary we can maintain our clients. Thats why our service fee is low. In our well-equipped compressor block we have all equipments which  needs for the professional service of the largest compressor blocks ever produced in the world. Our specialists are very talent so they can renovate the big compressor units of up to 500 horsepower in some days. The other dealers have to return this compressors to the manufacturer. denvair kompresszor gyor budapest szerviz web1


Our spare parts supply is continuous, so we can repair the machines without a time out. Our services also cover the assistance of prospective compressor owners, because we also design and develop a complete compressed air network.


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